Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Launch Giveaway Day 2: 3 Sets Pearl Earring

One lucky winner will win all 3 sets of pearl earrings.

Description:  7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl earrings.  The earrings are a stud style with sterling silver posts and backs.  These are great for a date with a new someone, old someone, or by yourself!!

Contest Details
1.)  Subscribe to my blog, leave me a comment on this post and tell me your birthstone.  If you don't know your birthstone just tell me the month you were born.

2.) Get up to 3 more chances to win and enter the contest.  Post about this giveaway on your blog, facebook and/or twitter.  Make sure to link it back to my blog: and leave me a link back to your post(s).  Feel free to copy the images above and use it for your post.   If you talk about this giveaway on 2-3 social media avenues then you get to leave me 2-3 additional comments.  

3.) If you don't have a blog... go ahead and "suggest to friend" to like my fanpage

4.) Be sure to leave your contact info (example: email, blog address, twitter name or facebook page link

I will pick a winner on Valentines Day, February 14, 2011.  So you have until then to enter this giveaway.

I apologies but this contest is open to US residents only.  One day I promise when I get bigger, I will have enough funds to send prizes internationally.  

Thanks & Good Luck,

Amir Chokr Gemologist (GIA)

Note: This prize being given away is sponsored by me, Amir Chokr. This means that I purchased the prize myself.  No Sponsors here.  Winners will be chosen randomly using


  1. loving all the birthday is this month and birthstone is Amethyst, which happens to be my favorite color

    I am also posting this on my blog...

    kim bolyard

  2. Another gorgeous set of birthstone is peridot which is perfect since I love the color green!

  3. Wow, really beautiful! You made them? I had no idea what my birthstone is, but I looked it up and Wikipedia says it's Diamond :) Best wishes from Germany!

  4. Nice shot, remember your 1st fan in the entire United States!!!
    June for wife / me but these will be perfect for V Day.

  5. Wait...more 'ear raaangs?' Man, you already are big time!

    My birthstone is Emerald. I never really liked it, just an emerald cut of anything else! It's such a true green. haha

    --tweeting/fb'ing it (!/AshleyNewell)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Oh I like these even more. Such great giveaways. I've heard two different gemstones for my birthstone, Blue Topaz or Turquoise. My favorite is Turquoise, I simply love it in every color.


  7. Great blog Amir! My birthstone is Aquamarine, I love my birthstone and wear it everyday. :)

  8. Gorgeous earrings!!!

    My birthstone is emerald :)

    I posted on twitter @MandyLeahy

    Welcome to the blog world... Your site looks fab!!

  9. Woo hoo! Another set of pretties? You know I wear pearls [fake] every day AND I could really use an authentic set ;) Just sayin'

    Aquamarine cause I was birthed in March.

    I tweeted. And Facebooked. Because you're worth it.

  10. My stone is Amethyst. I love Amethyst but find that there is a fine line of what is to big and gotti.

  11. I'm a JULY baby so Ruby is my stone! I know real ruby's don't sparkle and shine and are actually suppose to be cloudy, so I like to think of them as mysterious. My life has always been cloudy and unclear, so I find it very fitting that a Ruby is my birthstone. :)

  12. My birthstone is the sapphire